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About Us

Grasso PLLC specializes in intellectual property law. The firm provides patent, copyright, trademark, and trade secret counseling and procurement services to clients. Fred Grasso has more than two decades of experience practicing intellectual property law. This includes procuring hundreds of patents, arguing patent appeals before the B.P.A.I., and litigating intellectual property matters in federal courts across the United States. Mr. Grasso has first-hand knowledge of the vagaries and uncertainties of litigation and how the boundaries of intellectual property can change or be redefined through litigation. The firm believes that this practical perspective can be invaluable when obtaining patents and trademarks, analyzing intellectual property of clients and third-parties, and engaging in licensing transactions.

Grasso PLLC values working closely with clients to understand their business, their goals and objectives, and their organizational processes. Investing time in this manner enables the firm to provide effective and efficient counseling and support. In addition, Grasso PLLC is committed to continuous improvement in its internal processes and structure in order to provide superior intellectual property services to its clients. The firm is committed to using the latest filing and docketing technologies, streamlining these processes and the necessary maintenance of intellectual property assets.

The firm practices in a variety of electrical, mechanical, and chemical technologies, including: software, optics, electronic circuits, telecommunication infrastructure and services, Internet communication, Internet business methods, VoIP, control systems, polymer compositions, polymer manufacture, chemistry, medical devices, and therapeutic delivery.

Grasso PLLC is located in Reston Virginia, giving it easy access to the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the United States Copyright Office, and the federal courts of the District of Columbia and the Eastern District of Virginia.

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